The Cuomo study & partners undertook, from birth, a development strategy and integration of resources to provide for forms of preferential collaboration with external professionals, fueling a fruitful exchange of experiences in public areas, thereby expanding the proposal of the professional services offered.

The training of professionals follows the study's standards in order to always guarantee the excellence of defensive performance, in every sphere of criminal law and on the whole national territory.

The Cuomo study & partners, through a networking has always been central to their operational development strategies, It has created a structure composed by a mother-study, one in Naples, that, together with a number of carefully selected partners, It realizes a network of interconnected professionals, with a spread over the entire national territory.

The use of the most advanced information technologies, suitable to substantiate the operational plan the development of networking, and the proven collaboration with the best professionals who operate outside the criminal sector contributes to achieving a high standard of quality of the professional service offered by the study.