The Cuomo study & Partner provides court consultancy and assistance and legal defense in criminal matters.

The studio was founded in 2012 with the opening of the seat of Naples, from the confluence of the professional experience gained by the founder, the lawyer. Dario Cuomo, within the framework of law and criminal procedure.

Professionalism, efficiency and transparency are the criteria that inspire the daily activity of the study components; an organization at the forefront of technological and computerization of every aspect of defensive allow a new and modern approach to professional performance Forensic carried out in the interest of the assisted.

The study aims, always, to follow an innovative approach and advanced technical-legal and technological, aimed at achieving excellent quality standards of the professional service offered.


  • The typical conduct of the crime of theft with snatch, ex art. 624 to c.p., it occurs when the violence is immediately directed towards the thing and only indirectly towards the person who holds it, though, a causa della relazione fisica intercorrente tra......

  • The alternatives to detention (governed by Law. n. 354/1975) consist of the implementation of the various sentences from the execution of the sentence in prisons. The competence to decide on their concession is assigned to the Probate Court. They can access the prisoners who showed ......

  • It integrates the crime of material forgery in an administrative certificate committed by a private individual, ex artt. 477 e 482 c.p., the formation of a false attestation of the revision of a vehicle with a foreign license plate, performed in the country of registration with a positive outcome, even when the false indication ......




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