The Cuomo study & Partner provides court consultancy and assistance and legal defense in criminal matters.

The studio was founded in 2012 with the opening of the seat of Naples, from the confluence of the professional experience gained by the founder, the lawyer. Dario Cuomo, within the framework of law and criminal procedure.

Professionalism, efficiency and transparency are the criteria that inspire the daily activity of the study components; an organization at the forefront of technological and computerization of every aspect of defensive allow a new and modern approach to professional performance Forensic carried out in the interest of the assisted.

The study aims, always, to follow an innovative approach and advanced technical-legal and technological, aimed at achieving excellent quality standards of the professional service offered.


  • For the purpose of recognizing the cause of non-punishment pursuant to art. 13 d.lgs. 74/2000, provided for the crimes referred to in Articles. 10 to (failure to pay withholdings due or certified), 10 Tue (failure to pay VAT) e 10 quater, co. 1, (undue compensation)......

  • On the subject of tax offenses, the crime of fraudulent use in the declaration of invoices for non-existent operations is integrated, with reference to direct taxes, by only objective non-existence, or rather that relating to diversity, total or partial, between costs indicated and costs incurred, while, with regard ......

  • In the event of defamation via the web, the competent judge must be identified according to the accused's place of residence. The V Criminal Section of the Court of Cassation reminds us of the rule that establishes jurisdiction, with a sentence of particular interest, whereas, in the current ......




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