The Cuomo study & partners has always chosen to embrace and integrate within their daily workflow the best available information technology.

The importance and usefulness of the computerization of the study and every aspect of defensive represent an opportunity for development and management of professional activity in terms of efficiency, competitiveness and transparency.

The development and implementation of computerization and digitization related to any technical and defensive activities of the study allow a cutting-edge approach to professional performance and contribute to achieving a high standard of service quality specialist.

The computerization and digitization as an absolute quality and indispensable tools play a decisive role; the management of the daily workflow and document profiles defensive activity are constantly monitored through ad hoc tools, that allow the analysis and the continuous and constant control of the activities carried out by the components of the study; hardware and software solutions used by Cuomo study & allow partners to provide the highest assurance as to achievement of results of pre-established excellence as a professional goal.