Corporate Criminal Law


The Cuomo study & Partner provides court consultancy and assistance and legal defense in the criminal enterprise law, with particular reference to criminal implications related to criminal phenomena that are carried out on the occasion of carrying out economic activities, Business, industrial or professional.

The professional assistance offered by the study as part of the Company consists primarily in criminal law and trial advocacy extraprocessuale of natural or legal persons involved, both as individuals suspected or accused persons as both offenses, or, as civilly liable, established in the context of criminal proceedings – under criminal enterprise law – as a result of the commission of criminally relevant facts occurred in the course of professional or business.

The company criminal law is that peculiar the legal field aimed at the protection of multiple legal interests involved in ordinary business activities and for the effective protection which the Legislature has considered indispensable to have a regulatory response criminal.

The body of law that regulates the business criminal law does not obey, therefore, to a unitary and systematic logic, but it is strongly influenced by the legislative differentiation criteria; it involves, indeed, different criminal cases and penal code contained in contravention, in the Civil Code and in the plentiful special legislation.

Senonché, special rules that characterize the corporate criminal law are the bearers of a great innovative potential that, however, It is often manifested in a disorganized way and difficult coexistence with the traditional institutions of the criminal law.

The Cuomo study & partners and collaborators employs highly skilled experts in the advisory and assistance on criminal business law, as well as technical assistance in favor of freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies, who are facing legal issues, substantive and procedural, in criminal proceedings concerning corporate criminal law.