The Cuomo study & partners brainchild project Att. Dario Cuomo, with the aim of offering, especially for companies, their professional activities within the company criminal law and economics, in its traditional joints of corporate criminal law, bankruptcy, finance and tax.

E 'has always been a priority objective of the study preserve and protect the insured from all sorts of threats, including potential. In tal senso, the resolution of the problematic case is preceded and accompanied by a specific preventive activities aimed at providing, especially in the enterprise, those cognitive and organizational tools so that the risk of prosecution can be significantly reduced if not eliminated.

The exclusive specialization in criminal law and a multidisciplinary and integrated vision with the commercial and bankruptcy laws allow the study to provide, companies and individuals, comprehensive support, suitable not only to deal with every stage of criminal proceedings, but also, in advance, to avoid or mitigate the risk of the establishment of the same.

The mission of the Cuomo study & partners consiste, definitely, in constantly pursuing the satisfaction of the expectations and needs of companies and individuals, providing legal advice and assistance in full and exhaustive criminal matters, with concrete solutions, accurate and timely; the vision of our professionals aspires to see become the study in the coming years as a benchmark in the field of criminal law Processual-through opening new offices, located in strategic provinces of the country, in order to offer its services also through the development of new business areas and the cutting edge, operating in a manner consistent with the Law, bodies that oversee the profession and to a modern professional ethics.