Practice Areas


The Cuomo study & Partners offers legal assistance and advice in all areas of criminal law, in national and international level.

Work on the entire national territory, availing, if necessary, the proven collaboration of qualified professional studies on site.

In relation to the nature of each professional assignment conferred, proceed to the identification of the most appropriate team of professionals who will take care of the matter; this allows a particular specialization of each lawyer in the different areas of criminal law.

From the analysis and preventive counseling on criminal risks in the context of limited liability companies, the implementation of organizational and management models ex d.lgs. 231/01, from assistance in judicial and extrajudicial matters of criminal business law, implementation of the defensive investigations as standard planning of defensive Protocol, the study aims to provide, companies and individuals, a professional performance excellence tense.

The integration of interdisciplinary profiles and sharing of methodologies and knowledge of individual professionals who make up the study Cuomo & allows partners to pursue effectively the objective of following an innovative approach and advanced technical-legal and technological, aimed at achieving excellent quality standards of the professional service offered in the various areas of law and criminal procedure.