Study Policy


The Cuomo study & Partner operates in compliance with the principle of independence of the profession, in strict observance of forensic ethics and institutional bodies that oversee the profession.

The establishment of a trusting relationship with the patient and meeting the needs of the latter represent the main professional goal.

The logistic support of a suitable structure to meet the diverse needs, the use of advanced information technologies, The tried and tested collaboration with the best professionals who operate outside the criminal sector contributes to achieving a high standard of quality of the professional service offered by the study; everything reverberates, naturally, a procedural result in the interest of the assisted.

The articulation of the defense sent, taken in the interest of companies and individuals, in traditional settings lawyer, lawyer team and multi-professional team is aimed at achieving a high standard of quality of service offered specialist, being always the guiding principle of the newspaper workflow management that according to which in the race towards excellence there are no finish lines.