Insurance Criminal Law


With regard to the field of criminal insurance law, the study Cuomo & Partner offers its extrajudicial advice and assistance to insurance companies in fraud trial field (in traditional areas of underwriting fraud, settlement and internal).

In the interest of the anti-fraud office of the leading Italian insurance company it is specifically evaluated the existence of fraudulent conduct and criminal, carried out to the detriment of the insurance companies. Particular attention is placed in the activity of preventive defensive Investigation; a continuous contact with the AA.GG. Prosecuting allows you to boost repressive and sanctioning Authority in investigating; Finally, the study assumes the defense of the society on the occasion of criminal proceedings may be instituted, protecting the best possible economic interests and not the companies.

The Cuomo study & partners assists insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, both in terms of insurance advice and litigation, and with regard to relations with the supervisory authority. The expertise acquired in the field of insurance fraud allows a specific assessment of the existence of criminal conduct and fraud to the detriment of companies, carried out by the insured underwriting or settlement, or by the infidels of the same company employees.